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Friday, June 14, 2013, 8pm

The David Haas Group – "A Coalition of the Willing"

The David Haas Group: "A Coalition of the Willing" featuring: David Haas (piano); Scott Getchell (trumpets); Jeff Platz (guitar); James Bergin (viola), Kit Demos (bass & modular synthesizer) & John McLellan (drums).

SCOTT GETCHELL- trumpets- Lives in a squalid loft in the lowlands of Winter Hill. Getchell has had a checkered career in the Boston Music Scene. He is a founding member of the avant-garde pioneers, Bagel 'o Fun. He is also a founding member of the Sons of Sappho, Bent Men, Lars Vegas, Boston Rock Opera, Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, the Bad Art Ensemble, Le Prestige, Tilly's Nightmare, and Agachicko. For a list of the people he has played with, see Kit Demos, subtract a few, add a few. Getchell is also an illustrator and cartoon journalist for the Boston Phoenix and author of the graphic novel and rock operetta, “Ritchie Kill'd My Toads”.

JEFF PLATZ Guitar -as Guitarist, composer Jeff has toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe. He has performed in various music festivals worldwide such as New York city’s “What is Jazz” festival, the “Heidelberg jazzfestival” in Heidelberg Germany, Amsterdam's” Crossing Borders”festival and the Munster International Jazz festival in Munster Germany. The Berlin based music journalist Wolf Kampmann writes,“Platz’s music is generous although never accidental. The secret of its uninhibited quality lies more in Platz’s playful use of the familiar where intuition, feeling, and memory are the most important navigational instruments”. Jeff also co manages the German based music label Skycap Records which has released a variety of Boston and New York based musicians works. Currently Platz plays in the States with several different musical ensembles and also travels frequently performing throughout Germany and Italy. ”Platz‘s mystic axe tones gradually madden into vapor -like labyrinths letting the subtleties unfold in sparse bubbling currents”. Signal to Noise Magazine "Platz's group was smoldering, on fire!" Downbeat Magazine "Platz makes a statement that at times zeros in on the incendiary heart of the free jazz avant garde, elegant,contemplative, and skronking!". Boston Phoenix Recently Brilliant Corners, a Boston based jazz website interviewed Platz. Please visit Brilliant Corners for more information.

JAMES BERGIN - viola - is a composer, conductor, violist, and teacher. His compositions include tonal and microtonal works for solo instruments, voice and chamber ensemble, chorus, piano and organ; scores and mp3s may be found at . He is the executive director of the Boston Microtonal Society and the conductor of its permanent chamber ensemble NotaRiotous, dedicated to the performance of microtonal music on traditional Western instruments. As a violist, Bergin premiered many works by the original Composers in Red Sneakers in the early 1980s. He is a member of the Berkshire Symphony in Williamstown, MA. As an improviser, he has performed with Joe Maneri, Mat Maneri, Noah Kaplan, and others.Bergin began studying harmony with Joseph Maneri at the New England Conservatory in 1971. After leaving NEC to pursue music study on a private basis, he continued to work with Maneri for more than a decade, studying harmony, species counterpoint, fugue, and composition, using Arnold Schoenberg's pedagogical texts. He currently lives in western Massachusetts, where he performs, works for the music publishing firm of Broude Brothers Limited, composes, and teaches violin and viola on a private basis. In addition, he is the coordinator of special events at St. John's Episcopal Church in Williamstown, where he curates an annual summer concert series and directs a youth band that provides music for an alternative church service.

DAVID G. HAAS - piano - is a versatile composer and pianist with varied experience. David composed original music for JD HAAS PRODUCTIONS and has written music for theatre productions of The Seagull, Hamlet, Dinaya, and Thumbelina. His music has been produced internationally in the United States, Russia, the Ukraine and Bermuda. David also produced original music on Wisconsin's PBS network, Cape Cod's WOMR Theatre of the Air and on Cable TV in various cities nationwide. David's strongest influences have been blues and jazz with classical references and a taste for mid-late 20th-21st century harmonies. David studied and performed with Joe Maneri. He also performed with Noah Kaplan, James Bergin, Croix Galipault, Dan Blacksberg, Yi-Chen Chang, Mark Riordan, Benjy Fox-Rosen, Kit Demos, Jeff Platz, Scott Getchell, Luther Gray, John McLellan and others. He has also earned a Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he was influenced by Cecil Taylor. He has studied at the Kodaly Institute in Hartford, Connecticut, as well as the Sessione Senese per la Musica e l' Arte in Sienna, Italy.

KIT DEMOS - bass & modular synthesizer - was born in Bristol, Connecticut, raised in New York, Coastal Connecticut and Maine has a broad and varied musical career. He worked for over a decade playing bouzouki and singing professionally with a traditional Greek music group Opa! Opa! all the while performing and composing for free jazz groups large and small. A classical and jazz performance student since the age of 6 through college, he has built and designed his own analog synthesizers from the component level, studied physics, electrical engineering, and modern performance with Portland Maine based trio Mystic Out-bop Review, started his own record label, and continues to develop his bop influenced jazz chops with an evolving vocabulary of extended bass technique. In addition to teaching student ensemble workshops, he can be heard on Konnex, Aria Arts Recordings, and Skycap Records with Jeff Platz, John Mclellan, Daniel Carter, Crank Sturgeon, Luther Grey, Jack Wright, Blaise Siwula, Jim Hobbes, Timo Shanko, and R.A. Fish to name a few. Kit teamed with John Mclellan to develop new and unique rhythm concepts for Jeff Platz's group at the Munster International Jazz Festival (Germany). In addition to his recorded work he continues to travel and perform with those such as Charlie Kohlhase, Kevin Frenette, Todd Brunell, Tom Hall, id m theftable, Walter Wright, Chris Welcome, Andrew Eisenberg, Forbes Graham, Matt langley, Billy Bacon, and Junko Simmons.

JOHN McLELLAN - drums - was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and raised in Massachusetts, has a resume that is expansive and varied, including work with Joe and Mat Maneri, Roswell Rudd, Bern Nix, Roy Campbell, William Parker, Ken Vandermark, Denman Marony, Ben Monder, and the Either/Orchestra. He has performed at festivals including the Newport Jazz Festival, the Iowa City Jazz Festival, Munster International Jazz Festival in Germany and New York's Vision Festival. John‘s inventive drumming can be heard on his duo record with saxophonist Joe McPhee, Grand Marquis on Boxholder records and Mat Maneri’s latest release on Thirsty Ear Records, Pentagon.
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