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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ideal Bread; Paa Seck Diery

7pm – Ideal Bread

Formed in 2006 by Josh Sinton, Ideal Bread is an update of a traditional jazz concept: the repertory ensemble. In this case, the repertory is drawn from the voluminous catalog of Steve Lacy. Having started as fairly strict interpreters of the Lacy canon (as can be heard on their first two releases The Ideal Bread (KMB 015) and Transmit (Cuneiform 296), they are now branching out and beginning their next stage of investigation: a uniquely personal take on the music first composed by Steve Lacy in the 1970's. They are focusing in particular on the songs recorded by Saravah and collected in the box set Scratching the Seventies. With this new book, they are putting a idiosyncratic stamp on the music composed by this great American artist. Joining Sinton in this adventure are some of the young, leading lights of the New York creative-music scene: Kirk Knuffke (cornet), Richard Giddens (bass) and Tomas Fujiwara. Their combined resume reads like a who's-who of the current musical scene which includes such luminaries as Anthony Braxton, Butch Morris, Tim Berne, Kenny Wollesen, Andrew D'Angelo, Matt Wilson, Freddie Redd, Uri Caine, Matana Roberts and Darcy Argue. Whether you're a knowledgable fan of Steve Lacy's work or just a fan of live music, Ideal Bread's show will be an extraordinary adventure.
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10pm – Paa Seck Diery - African music from Senegal

Paa Seck Diery, based in Somerville, MA, plays all original M’Balax music. Based on the traditional rhythms of Sabar Drum Orchestra, M'balax is the popular club and dance music of Senegal, West Africa.

M'Balax can be combined with any and all sorts of other instruments. Paa Seck Diery Band combines the Sabar drums with electric bass, guitar, keyboards and drum set. Paa's M'balax music is also combined with a vocal style that is unique to West African regions.

Adding in a few salsa and reggae numbers to the mix, Paa Seck Diery Band delivers intricate and sophisticated rhythmic grooves that are delightfully accessible to those who love music that lifts the spirit, and ones that are also irresistible for those who love to dance.

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