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Recent Works by Michael Wells and Andrew Marathas

Exhibition Reception on June 20th, 10pm
Show Runs June 20th – July 20th, 2013

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Vibrant worlds filled with strange storied inhabitants on a range of wood and found material. Intestinal paint trails and geometric abstract landscape run through sweet pastel hues of blues and pinks. Andrew Marathas and Michael Wells invite you into these worlds filled with absurdity and beauty.

Michael Well’s work is both minimal and sensual throughout two of his series featured in Fool’s Gold. Michael’s geometric forms are representative of crystalline structures, sweeping over expanses of sweet color and shape. In his second series he works in a way that is much more organic. In them Michael depicts imaginary forms or creatures that may dwell deep under the earth’s surface in between layers of soil and sediment. Though the themes differ slightly Michael’s process remains the same, his application and use of color is a wonderful experience to be had for any viewer.

Andrew Marathas’s work is found on a variety of material built or found by the artist in his daily travels within the city of Boston. On these surfaces he’ll often create scenes and characters which arrive mostly in some absurdity or tongue in cheek humor. With a background in illustration and a focus in concept art, Marathas employs characters and environments whimsically and dynamically on his painted surfaces.

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